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Selling My Own Property Extra Detail

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Our Extra Detail adverts offer so much more than our budget advert.

  • Up to SIX photographs

  • Unlimited Description

  • Advert Viewing Stats

  • Instant Contact Enquiries

  • Web Site Links

  • Major Search Engine Submission

Our Extra Detail adverts are our cheapest paid ads, however they offer considerably more than our free ads.

You can put up to six photographs on your advert, plus you can put an UNLIMITED amount of description text.

What is the point in just putting up a basic advert when you can fully describe and really sell your property to the public?

You will see exactly how many people have looked at your advert with your very own 'Hit Counter' and also when it was last viewed.

You will get over twice as many hits as our budget advert, plus as it looks much more attractive as you can see.

We will also submit your property to all the major search engines including: Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, NTL World, Tesco, Virgin, Amazon, Yellow Pages Superhighway, Alexa, Lycos, Infogrid, World Tribune, Lookseek, Alta Vista, Curry Guide, Netscape, iWon, ICQ, Dogpile, Ixquick, Gigablast, Compuserve,,, Comcast, Alltheweb, Webcrawler, Blueyonder etc etc

Google alone has 300 million searches a day. Imagine someone searching on Google for Buy House in Bedfordshire and your property comes up! - This can happen if you take one of our Extra Detail adverts!

Because of the enhanced search engine submission, you will get lots more people seeing your advert and consequently a lot more enquiries and ultimately viewings / offers!

The main photograph on our Extra Detail adverts will display in 400 x 400 pixels size  (compared to 300 x 300 for our budget adverts).

You can publish your advert right away, or you can wait and publish it later, the choice is yours, you are in full control of your advert when you select Extra Detail.

You can also take your property off the market and then put it back on again when you like.

If you have a web site elsewhere on the internet with further details of your property you can insert it into our Extra Detail adverts and a link will be created for visitors to click on and they will be sent to the other web site.

An Extra Detail Advert
Selling my own property

Easy To Place

Creating a new Extra Detail advert at our site is easy. You do not have to register, just start inserting your property details. You don't even have to have your photo ready, you can add that later. Find out about EPCs


We offer four kinds of advert, ranging from the very simple to the very complex. As you pay more you get more exposure for your property.
Sell My Own House
Advert Type Cost Viewings   Contacts
Budget £0.00 90   X 1
Extra Detail £69.95 132   X 2
Feature £39 172   X 4
Deluxe £139 204   X 4
* Viewings are the number of people seeing the advert per month
* Contacts: Feature Adverts get four times as many contacts as Budget ones
* Figures taken from the 1st quarter of 2008 - which was when housing market was alegedly struggling

From these figures, you can clearly see that while a Budget Advert offers a quick solution, if you really want to get more enquiries (contacts) and ultimately viewings, you really need a paid advert.

For Sale Board

Our For Sale Boards are highly visible and are available for a cost of £12  each for everyone who takes an advert with us.

You can order your board once your advert is up

Sell My Own House

You will be able to edit your advert at any time to change vital details like price. Your advert will also have a Contact Vendor link to enable our visitors to contact you via email and arrange a viewing.

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4 bed House in Hampshire£250,000.00
4 bed House in Leicestershire£315,000.00
2 bed House in Hampshire£250,000.00
3 bed House in North Yorkshire£210,000.00
3 bed House in Gwent£99.00
2 bed Park Home in West Yorkshire£115,000.00
3 bed Cottage in Cheshire£280,000.00
3 bed House in Lancashire£107,500.00
2 bed Bungalow in Hampshire£210,000.00
2 bed Chalet in Carmarthenshire£30,000.00
3 bed House in Staffordshire£123,500.00
4 bed Bungalow in Lincolnshire£235,000.00
5 bed Cottage Carmarthenshire/ Ceredigion border£140,000.00
5 bed House in Argyll Isle of Mull£230,000.00
3 bed Cottage in Shropshire£215,000.00
2 bed House in Devon£170,000.00
3 bed 3-bed eco-home in Lancashire£250,000.00
Sell My Own Property with a Extra Detail Advert
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Selling My Own Property Extra Detail
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Selling My Own Property Extra Detail